Outdoor Pool Project

3D Rendering of Outdoor Pool

The Project

In March 2019, the Pierre City Commission approved a plan to replace Pierre’s 90-year-old  outdoor pool. 

The replacement plan, developed by a volunteer citizen committee, includes a 50-meter multi-purpose pool, a recreational pool, and a lazy river, as well as a variety of water features like slides, a diving tower, a water walk, a children’s water platform, shade structures, and zero depth entry. 

The goal is to construct a modern outdoor public pool where families and people of all ages and physical abilities can gather to enjoy swimming, recreation, and outdoor water activities in a safe and friendly environment.

Funding for the new pool utilizes a public/private partnership, with the City of Pierre providing the majority of the initial funding and assuming ongoing operation and maintenance costs.  In order to make the new facility a state-of-the-art amenity, a private sector campaign is underway to raise $3 million towards its completion.  


The Background

In February 2018, Mayor Harding appointed a  Municipal Outdoor Pool Committee. The volunteer group was tasked with developing a conceptual design to replace Pierre’s current 90 plus-year-old outdoor pool.  

Outdoor Pool Committee members are:

  • Becky Burke
  •  Heather DeBoer
  •  Rachel Arbach
  •  Paula Huizenga
  •  Kelsey McQuistion
  •  Mike Mueller
  •  Becky Spoehr
  •  Paula Weeldreyer

Burbach Aquatics, a pool consulting firm, was hired by the City to facilitate the meetings and serve as a technical expert to the group.