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Request to Terminate Business License

  1. Request to Terminate Business License
  2. City of Pierre Ordinance:
    Section 10-1-101 Unlawful to engage in any profession, trade or occupation for which license required - exceptions. It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to engage in any trade, business or occupation within the corporate limits of the city for which a license is required and provided for in this code without first having obtained such license as hereinafter provided. Source: R.O. Pierre, 1957, 8.0101. Statutory reference: SDCL 9-34-1, licensing procedure and terms. Section 10-1-102 Procedures for license application and issuance. Any person, firm or corporation wishing to obtain a license to engage in any trade, business, or occupation as herein provided, shall pay to the city finance officer the amount provided by this code for the license applied for, and he shall issue a receipt therefore and make written application to the commission stating the name of the person, post office address, business, calling or vocation in which such person desires to engage, the length of time for which said license is desired and the particular place at which said license is to be used. Upon presentation of the application to the commission it shall act upon said application and if it shall deem the applicant a suitable and proper person to have such license, shall cause the city finance officer to issue the same. The license shall be signed by the city finance officer, attested by the corporation seal and shall authorize said person to carry on the business, calling or vocation named in the application. If the said application be refused the same shall be endorsed upon the receipt by the city finance officer, and upon presentation of such receipt so endorsed, the city finance officer shall refund the money so paid by the applicant and take up said receipt. The receipt when taken up shall be the finance officer's voucher for the money so refunded. Source: R.O. Pierre, 1957, 8.0102. Statutory reference: SDCL 9-34-1, licensing procedure and terms.
  3. Authorized Agent*
    I certify that I am the authorized agent for the Business listed above, and hereby declare that I am no longer doing business in the City of Pierre as of the date listed above, and further request termination of the associated business license. I understand that I can reapply for a Business License with the City of Pierre at any time that I will resume business within the City of Pierre; and further understand that any outstanding license fees will need to be paid before any license will be issued or work can be performed in the City of Pierre.
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