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Building Permit Application

  1. Building Permit Application

  2. Permit Applicant (Contact person for questions related to the Permit)*

  3. Write "Owner" if the Owner is completing the work.

  4. Select type of project

  5. Drawings, site plan or recent lot survey may be required

  6. Do not include exterior flat concrete or lot improvements.

  7. Include lot survey

  8. Contractor Information

    If owner is the contractor write "Owner"

  9. Building Contractor

  10. Masonry / Concrete Contractor

  11. Electrical Contractor

  12. Not required for local contractors.

  13. Plumbing Contractor

  14. Not required for local contractors.

  15. Mechanical Contractor

  16. Not required for local contractors.

  17. Septic System - If Applicable

  18. New Residential or Commercial Building Plans

    Two complete sets of Building Plans. Including: (1) recent certified copy of the lot survey, (2) site plans, showing the proposed location of the structure with dimensions to property lines and existing structures, (3) footing and foundation plans, (4) floor plans, showing all door and window locations and sizes and Smoke Detector locations if required, (5) Exterior elevations (side views) of the structure, (6) Typical Foundation / Wall / Roof section details (through the stairwell if there is one), (7) Truss and Floor joist sizes and spacing. One set of plans will be stamped, approved, and returned and should remain on the job until the project is complete. The other set of plans will remain on file at the Public Works Office. Plans must be on 11x17 paper or larger using a 1/4" per foot scale or greater.

  19. Utility Connection Fees

    If the water and sanitary sewer need to be connected to the city’s systems, the tap fees must be paid prior to the connection being made. A 1" water tap for a typical residences is $616 including the 1" meter. If a paved street must be cut to install the service, there is a $10 per sq. foot charge with a minimum of $400 for street repair. The electrical fee for a 200-amp permanent residential service installation is $750.00. A licensed electrician must certify the temporary electrical panel and turn in an affidavit. A $150.00 activation fee must be paid prior to energizing the temporary panel. All other electrical service / requirements must be discussed with the Electrical Superintendent prior to any energizing being done.

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