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  1. Building Permit Application
  1. Staff Building Inspection Report

    A report used by staff to document completed building inspections.

Engineering / Planning

  1. Conditional Use Permit Form
  2. Storm Water Illicit Discharge Reporting Tool

    Please complete this form to report illicit storm water discharge, illegal dumping or other storm water related concerns within the... More…

  1. Drainage Inlet Marking Program

    Complete this form to have drains or inlets marked to increase drainage awareness.


  1. File a Complaint
  2. Traffic Safety Notifications

    Report issues in the city concerning traffic safety

  1. Report Traffic / Street Light Outages


  1. Information Update

    Provide updated contact information on your City Utility Account.

  1. Round Up Your Utility Bill

    Participants will have their utility bill rounded up to the nearest even dollar and the increment rounded up will go to a local charity... More…