Pierre, SD


Where is the Pierre Police Department Office located?

It is located in the Solem Public Safety Center, also known as the South Dakota Women's Prison, located at 3200 East Highway 34.

When do I have to report a traffic collision?

Pierre city ordinance requires any collision meeting any one element of the following criteria must be investigated by law enforcement. Any collision involving:

  • $50 or more in damage
  • An injury or possible injury
  • A fatality
If drivers are unsure or are in doubt whether the collision needs to be investigated, the police need to be called.

There is a police car parked in the middle of the street with its red lights flashing, but there is no officer present. Can I drive around the police car?

No. While it may seem nothing is going on or wrong, this is an indication that an actual emergency or something dangerous is ahead. For your safety, never drive around a police car parked with its red lights flashing without permission from a law enforcement officer. Your safety depends on this.

Who is at fault when a traffic collision occurs?

Officers do not determine fault. Their primary function is to investigate and determine what happened and to report the actions that caused the collision. Fault, or who is going to pay for damages, is determined by your insurance provider, or a settlement through civil court.

Is it okay to pull into a parking lot when an emergency vehicle using red lights and siren drives up behind me?

While it may seem the right thing to do, state law states all vehicles must pull over to the right portion of the roadway, stop, and remain stopped until the emergency vehicle proceeds past. Please pull as far to the right of the road you are driving on and stop there. By pulling into a driveway you may be blocking the exact driveway the emergency vehicle needs access to. Do not go into the left turn lane. Officers will always attempt to pass you on the left because motorists are required by law to yield on the right side.

My child is 16 years old and has a restricted permit. Can my child operate a vehicle between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. with their restricted permit?

No. They should contact a driver’s license exam station to apply for a regular driver’s license.

Do I need to have a driver’s license to operate my moped or all-terrain vehicle?

Yes. Any driver operating a moped or ATV that has an engine displacement under 50cc is required to have a driver’s license. Any driver operating a moped or motorcycle with an engine displacement over 50cc is also required to have a motorcycle endorsement on their driver’s license.

Do I have to display license plates on my moped or all-terrain vehicle?

Mopeds or ATVs with an engine displacement under 50cc are not required to have license plates. If you do purchase plates for a moped or ATV that is under 50cc, you are also required to have motor vehicle insurance on the moped as well.

If I am older than 18, do I have to wear a helmet if the passenger riding with me on my motorcycle is under the age of 18?

No. However, a driver age 18 or older cannot operate a motorcycle with any passenger under the age of 18 unless the passenger is wearing an approved helmet.

When do I have to remove my vehicle, trailer, or boat from the street?

Unless otherwise posted or restricted by ordinance, currently licensed and operable vehicles can only be parked on the street for 96 hours. Vehicles must be removed anytime 2 or more inches of snow have fallen, or anytime “Emergency Snow Routes” have been declared by the city.

When and where can I have a warning ticket approved?

Come to the Pierre Police Department. Officers are available to approve warning tickets 24/7. If an officer is not available, the dispatcher may ask you to have a seat in the lobby until an officer is available. Wait times are usually very short.

If I do not receive an automated response to my online police report filing, what should I do?

We apologize if this occurs. Although it is rare, this can occur if our email system is down for routine maintenance or repairs. If you do not receive an automated response within 72 hours, call the police department at 605-773-7410, and they can have an officer call you back to take your report.

Do you do pre-employment fingerprinting?

Yes. Please call 605-773-7413 to set an appointment prior to being fingerprinted.

When and where can I register my bicycle?

Call 605-773-7413 to set an appointment. Bikes are registered at the Pierre Police Department. Don’t forget to bring the bike with you when you register it.

What is the phone number and hours to the animal clinic? How much are impound fees?

The number for the Animal Clinic is 605-224-1075. Fees for impounded animals are $60 for the first offense, $85 for the second offense, and $125 for the third offense. Animals are only released during Animal Clinic business hours. Animal Clinic hours are subject to change, therefore you are encouraged to call them to determine their office hours.

When should I call 911?

You should call 911 if you or someone else is:

  • In immediate danger or a life-threatening situation
  • Reporting a crime-in-progress
  • Reporting a fire
  • In need of an ambulance
If you are unsure if your situation is an emergency, dial 911. If it is not an emergency, you will be directed to call on a non-emergency line.

What if I dial 911 accidentally?

Don’t hang up. Stay on the line and answer the questions asked by the dispatcher. They will still send an officer to verify everything is okay.

If I accidentally dial 911, why is an officer sent?

It is our procedure to send an officer anytime someone dials 911.

What will I be asked when I call 911?

You will be asked the following:

  • What is your emergency?
  • What is the location of the emergency?
  • What number you are calling from?
  • What is the problem?
If you don’t know the location of the problem, dispatchers will ask you more questions designed to help identify the location of the call. They also need the number you called from in the event they need to call you back for additional information. The dispatcher needs you to be specific in your answers to their questions so they can send appropriate resources to help you with your situation.

I use TDD / TTY Equipment, can I call 911?

Yes. Dispatch is equipped to receive TDD / TTY calls. TDD / TTY subscribers can also call 605-773-7410 for non-emergency police calls using their TDD / TTY equipped phone.

Where can I obtain road conditions?

Current road conditions can be obtained by calling 511. You can also obtain current road conditions by going to SafeTravel USA’s website.

What is the phone number for City Hall?

City Hall's phone number is 605-773-7407.

What number do I call to report a utility outage and how long do outages last?

Please call 605-773-7407 during business hours, or 605-773-7418 after hours. There is no way for the dispatchers to know how long utilities will be down, and repair crews do not provide this information. They are too busy determining and fixing the problem and have no way of knowing until an assessment is done and repairs are made. It is too hard to make any guess or estimate how long outages will last.

Do I have to remove my vehicle, boat, or trailer from the street if I do not live on a snow route after snow has fallen?

All vehicles, trailers, and boats are required to be removed from the street within 24 hours after snow plows have plowed around any vehicle, trailer, or boat parked on any street after “Snow Emergency Routes” have been declared.

What is the phone number and hours for the landfill scale?

The number for the landfill scale is 605-773-7434. The hours at the scale house are subject to change. For current hours, check the Solid Waste page.

Where is the driver’s license exam station located, what is their phone number, and what are their office hours?

The driver’s license exam station is located in the alley behind 314 South Central Avenue. Their phone number is 605-773-6883. For their office hours, check their South Dakota Department of Public Safety website.

Who do I call if I think the storm siren nearest my residence is not sounding when it should be?

Call the Pierre Police Department at 605-773-7410, and they will forward your information to the appropriate personnel in charge of the sirens.

Where is the Jail and Juvenile Shelter, and what are their phone numbers?

The Hughes County Regional Jail and Juvenile Shelter are both located at 3100 East Highway 34, directly north of the National Guard Building. Take the paved road going north from the intersection of Wells & Lowell Avenues north to the Jail complex. The number for the Jail is 605-773-7475, and the number for the Juvenile Shelter is 605-773-2290.

Can I get a Pierre Police Department patch for my collection?

The Pierre Police Department receives numerous requests for uniform shoulder patches. Unfortunately, for security reasons, the Pierre Police Department is unable to provide, through sale or trade, its department patch to other agencies or to collectors.