Emergency Snow Routes

The City of Pierre has designated numerous streets and roads in Pierre as Emergency Snow Routes. These are streets and roads commonly traveled, are usually the first ones plowed after accumulation of two (2) or more inches of snow, and are posted with the shown Snow Route Sign. In addition, the City of Pierre has approximately 100 miles of street and roads that must be plowed after two (2) or more inches of snow accumulation.

To assist residents and those visiting Pierre, the City has developed a Snow Removal Plan that outlines the process in plowing the streets when Emergency Snow Routes have been declared. Residents and visitors of Pierre are encouraged to review the Snow Removal Plan and other relevant information on this page prior to the beginning of each winter season.

Pierre residents and visitors in violation of parking ordinances during declared Emergency Snow Routes and during general plowing operations are subject to a fine as authorized by the City Commission.

For further information regarding City Emergency Snow Routes and General Winter Plowing Operations, click on the following link:

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Snow route sign