Jamie Huizenga Biography

The Huizenga Family
    by Patrick M Callahan
While growing up in Platte, South Dakota, I would often come to Pierre to hunt and fish. I always thought if the opportunity ever came up, I would love to live in Pierre. That chance came along in the fall of 1994 when John Nagel offered me a job at Nagel Agency. So, in January of 1995 we put our house on the market in Sioux Falls and moved to Pierre. All these years later I look back and say this was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Pierre's High Quality of Life

I believe Pierre may have the highest quality of life anywhere in America. Pierre is large enough to enjoy some of the benefits of a larger community, yet small enough that we know our neighbors and many people from the entire community. We have one of the best school systems and our recreational opportunities are unmatched.

My Family

I am a farm and crop insurance agent at the Nagel Agency. My wife, Paula, is a lifelong Pierre resident and an engineer with the Department of Transportation. Our daughter Casi is married and a Mechanical Engineering for IBM in Minnesota, and our son Caleb is a ninth-grader at Riggs High School.

My Promise

I've enjoyed my first 6 years as one of your City Commissioners and look forward to serving another term on the Pierre City Commission.

I love this community and look forward to serving as your city commissioner. I promise to work hard for the citizens of Pierre. I want to be accessible and encourage people to contact me if they have any concerns or ideas to improve our community.

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