1. Agendas & Minutes

    Easily find and search for minutes and agendas.

  2. Cities of Service Project

    Learn about the Cities of Service Project.

  3. City Fees

    Obtain information on all city fees.

  4. City Budget

    Look through the proposed budget for the City of Pierre.

  5. City News

    Find current City of Pierre news and press releases.

  6. City Ordinances

    View the City Ordinances for the City of Pierre.

  7. City Mission, Vision, Values and SWOT Analysis

    City of Pierre Mission, Vision, Values and SWOT analysis

  8. City Strategic Plan

  9. Crime Tips & Prevention

    Browse through useful tips on the prevention of crime.

  10. Current Electric Rates

    Browse through current rate information for electricity in the City of Pierre.

  11. Fire Prevention Tips

    Check out fire prevention tips from the Pierre Fire Department.

  12. Road Construction Projects

    Access information on planned road construction in the City of Pierre.

  13. Sex Offenders

    Look through information on registered sex offenders in the city.

  14. Tax Increment Financing Guidelines

    Access information on the guidelines for tax increment financing (TIF) in Pierre.

  15. Upcoming City Events

    Explore through upcoming city and department events.