Patrol Division

Main Responsibilities

Patrol Division
The Patrol Division’s main responsibility is to respond to the day-to-day calls for investigation and requests for assistance from the public. In addition to its main responsibilities, the Patrol Division also routinely patrols and enforces state and city traffic ordinances on Pierre streets, which encompasses approximately 100 miles of streets. 

Additional Duties

In addition to their general duties, officers are also assigned additional duties, such as:

- Airport Security                                -    SWAT Team
- Traffic Team                                    -    Warrants Officer
- Firearms Instructor                          -    Police Training Officer
- Equipment Officer                           -    Defensive Tactics Instructor
- Motorcycle Training Officer             -    Explorer Program Advisor
- Public speaking for crime prevention, traffic safety awareness, and community 
  policing presentations.

Traffic Team

Officers assigned to the traffic team are tasked with the responsibility of determining streets or areas that may be in need of traffic management or additional enforcement. In addition, traffic team officers are responsible for accident investigation, and the planning, conducting, and documentation of sobriety check points and saturation patrols.


Officers are also assigned to the Central South Dakota SWAT (SCD SWAT) Team. This team of highly trained officers are tasked with the responsibility of assisting departmental personnel and other law enforcement agencies during circumstances which involve potential life-threatening situations.

CSD SWAT team members participate in regularly scheduled training in the use of special weapons, equipment, and techniques designed to reduce the risk to law enforcement personnel and innocent citizens in dangerous situations.

Reserve Officer Program

The Patrol Division is also augmented by the Pierre Police Department / Hughes County Reserve Officer Program. The Reserve Officer Program consists of eight reserve police officers.

Law Enforcement Explorer Cadet Program

The Patrol Division is also assisted by member of the Law Enforcement Explorer Cadet Program. This program is sanctioned by the Boy Scouts of America and provides teenagers and young adults with a change to work hand-in-hand with the Pierre Police Department.

Cadets receive training and assist in dispatch, patrol and helping with traffic control at parades. They also assist with limited security at civic events where police services are provided by the Pierre Police Department. The Law Enforcement Explorer Program consists of six explorer cadets, with School Resource Officers serving as advisors.

Division Structure

The Patrol Division consists of:
-    One Captain
-    Three Sergeants
-    Seventeen full-time police officers
-    Three part-time police officers

Shift Coverage

The Patrol Division consists of three crews, providing 24 hour coverage, 365 days a year through eight hour shifts on a 28 day cycle of rotation. In addition to a patrol sergeant, each crew has at least four police officers assigned to the crew. Except for the patrol captain, all sergeants and officers have rotating days off.
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