Animal Control

Animal ControlThe Pierre Police Department employs an Animal Control Officer (ACO) in it’s efforts to control animals problems within the City of Pierre. The ACO is responsible for enforcing city ordinances, including but not limited to:

-    Abuse / Neglect
-    Animals at Large
-    Animals Disturbing the Peace

How to Avoid Complaints

Since the ACO cannot be on duty all hours of the day, here are a few simple tips pet owners should follow to avoid problems or complaints:
-    Dogs love chicken and many food like we do. If you have chicken
     bones or food particles in your trash, don't place your trash bags at the
     curb until the morning of trash pickup. Dogs and many other
     non-domestic animals can smell chicken bones and food particles from
     a long distance. They will tear into trash bags left at the curb overnight.

-    Do not leave your pet in your vehicle during warm weather, even with a
     window left open. A study by the Animal Protection Institute showed that
     even moderately warm temperatures outside can quickly lead to deadly
     temperatures inside a vented vehicle.

-    Don't leave your pet outside if you are not home. Dogs will bark for numerous reasons when their owner is not
-    Enclose open areas, such as the base of a storage shed, decks, outside stairs, or anywhere skunks, rabbits,
     raccoons, and other non-domestic animals can get into and harbor.

-    Pets must be on an attached leash that is controlled by its handler. Do not allow your pet to come into physical
     contact with a person using a public sidewalk, including the sidewalk at the pet owner's residence.

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