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Wet Wipes:

In Pierre and all across the country, cities are facing a nuisance that is hurting plumbing networks and causing more problems than they fix: and that nuisance is called “Wet Wipes”. Wet wipes have long been used for baby care, but have recently become popular with adults. Some wipes are even labeled on the packaging and marketed as “flushable”, a characteristic that is contested by officials who operate wastewater treatment plants like the one in Pierre.

Wet wipes can become a significant problem in sewer systems due to the fact that the materials that wet wipes are made out of don’t break down as easily as regular toilet paper. Those wet wipes can then combine with other materials, like grease, to create what can only be called a “super knot” which then clogs the sewer system. Cities across the United States spend significant time and money on wipe related equipment problems and cleanup costs. Wet wipes, which do not disintegrate the way traditional toilet paper does, are plaguing cities in every state. What we are saying is, “Only toilet paper should be flushed down your toilet; because after all, a golf ball is flushable but it’s certainly not a good idea.” For more information on this issue see the “Will it Flush” Video below. 
Will it Flush?:
Although products like facial tissues, dental floss, cotton swabs, and kitty litter may flush down the toilet; these products can cause clogged pipes for you and your neighbors in the community. "See Will It Flush?" to find out more.
 Will it Flush? Video


Collecting and treating wastewater generated in the Pierre area
Providing operation and maintenance of the collection and treatment systems for domestic, industrial, and commercial wastewater

The city wastewater collection and treatment facilities play an integral role in the protection of vital surface water resources and our groundwater aquifer, which is our sole source of drinking water.
Please be Careful
Remember to be cautious about what you put down the drain or into toilets. Household items such as rags (even disposable rags) can travel down the mains to a lift station and cause severe damage to the pumps. Grease poured down a drain hardens as it cools, even when mixed with hot water. The grease separates out and settles in plumbing systems and sewer lines. Pouring grease down your kitchen sink can cost the city thousands of dollars per year to maintain the wastewater system. It is very important that all fats, oils, etc., are poured into a container for disposal.
Down the Drain Don'ts
Certain items disposed of in drains or toilets can cause problems in your sewer system. Some of these items are hazardous household chemicals such as gas, oil, paint, etc. and other items such as rags and wipes. These items can cause severe damage to the collection system, and cost you money in the form of repairs that the city has to make. 

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