Boards & Commissions

  1. Ambulance Committee

    View information regarding the Ambulance Board

  2. Arbor Board

    Learn more about the Arbor Board.

  3. Board of Adjustment

    Learn about the responsibilities of the Board of Adjustment.

  4. BID #1 Board of Directors

    BID #1 was established by City of Pierre resolution to improve Pierre's ability to attract visitors to our community who will patronize the local lodging industry.

  5. Building Code Board of Appeals

  6. City Planning Commission

    Check out meeting information and agendas and minutes for the City Planning Commission.

  7. Deer Management Task Force

    Find out about the responsibilities of the Deer Management Task Force.

  8. Golf Board

    Browse information on the Golf Board, and view agendas and minutes.

  9. Historic Preservation Commission

    Browse through information on the Historic Preservation Commission.

  10. Joint Planning Commission

    View member and meeting information for the Joint Planning Commission.

  11. Library Board

    Learn about the responsibilities of the Library Board.

  12. Park & Recreation Board

    Explore through information on the Park and Recreation Board.

  13. Traffic Safety Committee

    Gain details on the responsibilities of the Traffic Safety Committee.